All About The Rhinoplasty


People, most especially girls are going gaga having a western girl, stunning look that became a trend in this newest generation’s concept of beauty. There are a lot of thing they are doing with their bodies and faces. Layers and layers of cosmetic products, tons of creams and concealers are being sold in the market every year. This is a proof that beauty now has a different perspective. It’s not that beauty is in the eye of blah… blah… blah… No one will consider that now anymore. Everyone admires, sorry for those who hate, but, stop hating anyway, everyone likes Kim Kardashan and Kyllie Jenner for sure for having this very standard of beauty that they are manifesting.

This generation, defying death is the only thing that may be possible. Looking good has a price says anonymous, this is a mind blogging fact that you must accept being a part of the 21st century. All that surgeries came out like a bunch of mushrooms giving science all its glory for imitating beauty in no time, just a little bit of money though. Best example would be the Rhinoplasty surgery, a Pinocchio inspired surgery lifting, reshaping, pointing and lots of stuff done by the surgeons just for you to have that perfectly looking nose.

In science talking, this is the process of making incisions to reach the cartilages and the bones of your nose, given to have the supporting role for it. This may sound much yet these incisions are done under the skin so that there will be no visible marks when the surgery is done. Everything will be based by the surgeon with the desired shape that the client will let them do. Some cartilages and bones may be removed just to have that thin and pointed nose and some tissues may be added in the nose when found out that there are occurrences of deformities. The filter will be derived from any part of the body’s tissues.

This type of surgery needs a support of either a local or a general anesthesia. The patient may have an overnight stay in the hospital yet this surgery are mostly done with outpatients. After the surgery is done, voila! You now have a new look, a more beautiful look like those girls in the magazines. These are mostly done by the celebrities, yet, you may have it of you have that sufficient amount of money. This may be an expensive type of surgery but this is a life changing one.


Get yourself out of the society’s eye of judgment, you have all the freedom now to celebrate beauty into a new level. This may be just a surgery yet this will affect your entire life. Your disposition, the way you confidently face the world and the way you look at yourself. Some may have you criticized in doing so, but, keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself and not to impress others. Doing this will give you so much in life that is priceless, simply a satisfying feeling you will get.

rhinoplasty_5419922822bAside from its aesthetic results, rhinoplasty surgery may also have more benefits for your health such as healing the chronic congestion and will eventually  improve difficulty of breathing conditions that are making you suffer from your sensitive nose. This is because some bones are being structurally corrected. This will be based on your decision. Go for it, nothing’s wrong with it. Love yourself more than anyone else and the rest will love you back. Most especially your nose, this is where you breathe.